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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 5, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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heard 4. >> terrifying. we woke up to the shots. you know, just didn't -- i didn't want to move. scary to hear it so close by. >> reporter: today shooting is the third homicide in the mission district in one week. tuesday a 22-year-old father was mistaken for a gang member and shot and killed. later tuesday a gang member was killed. police say they don't believe today's shooting is gang related and unrelated to the two other homicides. back here live officials are working to identify the victim. right now they haven't released the name. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. also in san francisco, happening right now, members of a group we heard a lot about, no justice, no bart are poised to protest again. they spoke to reporters at the civic center bart station.
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and now we want to take you live outside the station and as you can see, a number of members of members of the san francisco police department poised for whatever might take place tonight. they have been involved in a series of protests the last few weeks that interrupted bart service. and as you can see here again, these are live pictures outside the civic center bart station where we are hearing this group may protest yet again. they just announced a mass action for later on this week. for more to ktvu's janine de la vega, she is live outside the station. >> reporter: there are two groups of protesters here, one group from no justice, no bart, and another group from "anonymous." there is also -- we are told, protesters up here in civic center bart station, they have black masks on their face. this is smaller than what we
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have seen in the past. they say it doesn't matter that it's labor day. they will demonstrate and put pressure on bart. in the last 30 minutes people from no justice no bart announced thursday they will hold a protest at the powell bart station. they are demanding justice for charles hill who was shot by a police officer. they want bart to disband their police force. they are calling it a spare the fare day. if police interfere they will move into bart on the platform. >> we are upset our fares are used to pay bart police. we don't think it should be going to a group of people who are beating people up and shooting them without cause. >> reporter: now, here is video
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of postprotests at bart stations. in the past bart opened up its gates so there will be no overcrowding when the protests get big. they feel gates will be open so people will not have to pay and they want to make this information public so commuters as well as bart knows what to expect. again, we are not seeing big groups of protesters out here today. just a big police presence incase more people decide to show up. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we will monitor the situation in san francisco and if we hear of disruption or action we will bring it to you live. on this labor day workers from two hotels are protesting ain a long and bitter dispute. >> ready to fight? >> a few hundred workers
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marched this morning. workers have been in contract negotiations for two years and some no longer have a contract. >> they think work is machines and commodity rather than people who need to raise their families. >> a spokesman told us today they want to resolve the contracts nut union added new issues. the u.s. cameber of calm is offering proposals on how to propose jobs. the group called for more tax breaks, more oil. they predict corporations will be more willing. they estimate the proposals will generate 6 million jobs by 2013. lot of road construction in
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california. he says the state is spending $11 billion this year. the money comes from stimulus funds and state bonds. major repaving projects include interstate 80. 880 and highway 17. president obama spoke at a labor day rally in michigan today saying it's time for political games to end in washington so that americans can get back to work. in a preview to his jobs speech he said a million construction workers across america need jobs. coming up later at 5:30, how he wants to brighten the picture. turning now to fort bragg and the effort underway to try to catch a killer. the gunman who shot and killed a city councilman was spotted yesterday. then disappeared. ktvu's rita williams is joining us live now.
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>> reporter: i am standing at the county sheriff's substation in fort bragg. it's the command senter for the hunt of the killer. this is the eight day that 50 law enforcement officials from local, county state and federal agencies have been searching the woods around fort bragg but they still haven't been able to find this man. suspected of killing killing a city councilman. . >> i am looking for the apprehension. last thing we want is anymore violence. we want safe apprehension. anyone who has contact with him, get the word out there. we want this to come to a safe conclusion. >> we consider him very dangerous. he is in the woods. we are sending our police officers out there every day
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and this guy, in our mind, he has one thing to accomplish, and that's to escape apprehension. >> reporter: now, showing the priority hof man hunt, they are here right now, a task force of local, state, county officers are helping with the search. and yesterday two deputies spotted him, started chasing him but he disappeared into the woods, and that's where we are right now. there is an operation going on as we stand here and it is going on around the clock. they say it will continue until he is caught. reporting live in fort bragg, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. sara palin sounded more and
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more like a presidential candidate today as she spoke in new hampshire. >> i appreciate your encouragement. >> a crowd of supporters yelled run, sarah run but she said the tea party doesn't have any one leader or candidate. >> the movement is about bringing together debate and discussion of solutions from we the people, not the politicos. >> she has not yet announced a bid for the white house but this was her second continue event during the weekend. in south carolina, candidates attacked president obama's policies. including what they called obama care. >> a massive intrusion. so what we got to do is repeal
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obama care. >> five candidates, each had 20 minutes. newt gingrich said today he believes the economy is in danger of getting worse. michele bachmann called for corporate tax cuts. >> i think we could bring it down to 20% and as president i would put a moratorium on the implementation of obama care just as the president did last friday on epa rules as well. >> ron paul and herman cain also appeared today. texas governor rick perry was supposed to speak but he returned home because of the deadly wildfires raging throughout his state. >> just keep those folks in your prayers, if you will, as we go back and try to get people out of harm's way and get our state -- pray for rain.
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as well. >> coming up, at 5:15, how many lives have been loss, the evacuations and the number of homes that have already been destroyed. forging on since flooding. one business' owners attempt to boost sales and why this is important for one beach side community. a pleasant day over the bay today with a post holiday heat up on the way. what you
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traffic deaths are up in california over this labor day weekend. offers say 16 people died in accidents between 6:00 p.m. friday and 6:00 a.m. this morning. officers arrested 1399 drivers on dui. that's up from last year.
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here in the bay area they made 242dui arrests. that is up from last year when 221 people were arrested for dui over the same period. traffic should be picking up across the bay area as travelers return home. this is a live look at highway 88. lots of traffic there. lots of people making their way back to the bay area. want to give ulook at conditions on 680 at the grade. not a lot of traffic at 5:00. usually more at this time of day. 2.4 fewer people are on the roads as gas prices are higher than a year ago. live picture now at the road conditions there at 680. you could not have asked for better weather and maureen naylor tells us how one city came a long way from march. >> reporter: inyou didn't make it to the beach this weekend,
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allow us to bring you here to the boardwalk. just south of here there is one community not ready to see the season come to an end. >> reporter: it was a post card day. blue sky. beach umbrellas and a cold treat. >> we are back. this is like our fifth or six time this summer. >> reporter: today the streets were bustling with tourists. with summer slowly slipping away, summer feeling knocked down, not ready for the cars to be covered. >> rain and the -- yeah. i like the sun. >> reporter: neither is this business owner, summer is the best season. since the flooding in march some shopped closed up. >> summer was off. i think that's because some
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stores had to move. and the economy is lingering on. >> reporter: he is bringing in more novelty items. the shoe store has new carpet. >> business has been all right. we were closed for a few days during that time. >> reporter: this week means races and floats made of flows for the festival. >> you have to day off from work and school. basically a free day to play and have fun. [ music playing ] [ singing ] >> reporter: lot of fun. as the sounds of summer start to fade. businesses home the tourist dollars don't. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. in southern california winds are fanning a fire that was ignited by a deadly plane crashed. it destroyed one house and threatening 650 others. hundreds of families have been
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evacuated as hot, dry windy water pushes the fire. it started yesterday when a plane went down, killing two people. fire crews are working to protect homes and several wind farms. mean time, an 1100-acre wildfire in san bernardino county is almost contained. it broke out friday on interstate 15. started as people were heading out for the weekend. snarling the commute. the flames destroyed two mobile homes and forced 1500 families to evacuate but everyone has been allowed to return home. in texas, 60 wildfires are burning across bone dry land. from the biggest fire, burning outside of austin. that wildfire is out of control and destroyed nearly 500 homes and forced the evacuation of 5,000 people. it's burned 25,000 acres and a
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fire line stretches for 16 miles. 160-miles to the north, nine fires merged into one. 2,000 acres burned and eight buildings have been destroyed. >> been a time when we had to call the community together, to work together to help save lives. >> i am scared to death. i couldn't see past my truck. the smoke was so bad you couldn't see, breathe. >> so far 2 deaths are reported a mother and her daughter. tonight tropical storm lee is helping and hurting. the winds are fanning the flames but lee also aided firefighters by dumping rain. as rain from tropical storm lee may have helped douse the fires it left other states a soggy flooded mess. it dumped a foot of rain in new orleans. they are using super sand bags. and in louisiana, people are watching the water rise towards
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their homes. >> we are up about 5-6 feet right now. and it looks like it's keeping on coming on in. >> one death has been reported from tropical storm lee. a mississippi man was swept away from floodwaters after trying to cross a creek. developing news from southern california. firefighters are trying to contain a fire in the canyon area of los angeles. it broke out this afternoon near brentwood. cruise made a fire break to keep the flames from spreading. there is also another fire threatening homes in los angeles county. one person has been injured, 250 acres have been burned. we are working to get more information on that as well live pictures -- as well as live pictures. let's check in on our labor
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day with rosemary. >> our fire danger will be increasing and for the state as well as we heat up and dry out. giving you a look at the winds. winds over san francisco and parts of san jose helped to push the marine layer. sunny skies. little bit of cloud cover long the coast in some sections. the strong breeze over sfo at this time. 64 degrees right now san francisco. mid-60s oakland. 74 san jose. warm one inland. 80 for areas around livermore. concord 81. 73 napa. upper 70s in santa rosa. gorgeous day. nice, warm, not bad at all. at your satellite radar. we watch the moisture pull in from the south. over los angeles that possibilities of thunderstorms there. we will remain dry. into the weekend we could see that change. short term, high pressure
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building in. squash the marine layer tomorrow morning, could see dense fog. for the afternoon it warms up. 60s and 70s in the forecast around the bay. 70s and 80s. mid-80s to 90s. hotter spots could be dangerous. quite toasty. we will look at those numbers in a few moments. tomorrow morning, patchy fog. 57 concord. 56 around the peninsula. highs tomorrow, warm day. 86 in santa rosa. upper 70s for the east bay. 76 oakland. 90s walnut creak. 90s antioch. brentwood. morgan hill 97. 87 san jose. 86 sunnyvale. peninsula nice one. 82 redwood city. 70 in the city tomorrow afternoon and 60s long the
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coast. nearing 80 degrees in areas around santa cruz. again, toasty in some spots. coming up, how long we expect the hot weather to last. >> thank you. governor effort to wart off a species are moving to be successful. according to officials three years of mandatory boat inspectionvise kept bay area lakes clean. the effort paid off to protect activities as well as drinking water. >> terrific fishing. we have a lot of boats with trailers. done extensive education over the last three years and all the boaters want the water to stay available to them. >> the reproducing muscle smoke wildlife and they could live up
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to 5 weeks under boats. the golden gate bridge painting project hits a snag and restrictions for people who want to walk across the bridge. this is wreckage from the 9/11 attacks and it's in california today. how those who lost their loved ones will remember 10 years later. an event so big it could be captured from space. what it is in a moment.
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. the house were osama bin laden lived for so many years is now heavily guarded. a cnn reporter was barred from entering the area when he tried to get close. cooperation appears to be improving. pakistan announced the capture of three al-qaeda operatives. this sunday marks 10 years since the september 11 attacks changed our country and today hups gathered to -- hundreds gathered to remember those who died. [ singing ]. >> in southern california they staid open to cumemrate the event. a damaged fire truck and steel
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are now on display. visitors agreed it is important to remember the tragedy that unfolded 10 years ago. >> this is a good way to bring it home and maybe to the local folks. something we could talk about. even this week. people know we have to remember what really is important. >> very important. and as an american i rally around everything. so i am proud to be an american. >> the richard nixon library is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and a reminder sunday, ktvu will air called 9/11 a decade of change. we will have reports from new york, washington d.c. and pennsylvania and we will talk with people who lost their loved ones.
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6:00 p.m. this sunday, september 11. summer fog slowed down the painting on the golden gate bridge but retrofit work is ahead of schedule. the west sidewalk will reopen to bicyclist saturday. because of the cable painting the bridge district is asking bicyclists to be careful during week days. as the project moves to the east side, that sidewalk will partially close, pedestrians won't be able to complete the walk for the rest of the year. >> burning man spotted from space. the festival in nevada is so big a satellite took a picture of it. shows cameras and tents for the annual gathering. this is stitched together from four black and white photos taken by the satellite. it wraps up today. a huge sculpture is about
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to be unveiled. also a twist in the mystery of the missing iphone prototype. san francisco's police chief is revealing how his officers were involved in the search for a phone left at a restaurant.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. art inspiring change in one oakland community. that's what is underneath these blue tarps as they experience an uptick. one day away from the unveiling of a project in uptown oakland. ktvu's rob roth joins us with more. the blue plastic covers
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will be coming off here on 19 19th street, revealing this, remember them. the latest addition to up town oakland. >> ribs? pork ribs and chicken. >> from behind his grill he says he has seen change the past few years in this area around 19th street and telegraph. >> a lot of people drinking, doing drugs. hotel where a lot of people hung out wasn't the type of people you would like to see in the neighborhood. >> under a plan oakland began building apartment units. it was renovated and a dozen new restaurants and bars moved in. >> the hope was to bring new people to the downtown. bring more life. >> reporter: he calls the
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change remarkable. >> you can tell by night time. after 8:00 you see people walking the streets. >> reporter: this woman planned to live up town for a few months but now she is staying. >> i take bart back by myself, because of the theater, restaurants, there is always people around. doesn't feel dangerous. >> people around year, young, professional, hip, nice. never would have guessed it was this good. >> reporter: it is still shy of the 10,000 the mayor envisioned but people are anxious to see the sculpture. >> make as great statement of what is happening in the neighborhood. >> the unveiling takes place at 1:00 tomorrow. the latest addition to a neighborhood bringing people upton. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco's police
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chief defended the actions of four officer whose helped search for a missing iphone prototype. the prototype was lost at a restaurant in the mission district. apple used gps to trace it to a home. investigators contacted san francisco police and four officers went with them to the house. a man let the officers inside to search but they failed to find the prototype. the police chief says it's not unusual to help private investigators. president obama layed the job crisis that feet of congress. a theme he is expected to repeat thursday and on the campaign trail. today he spoke at a labor day gathering in a town hit hard by the recession. >> reporter: union mortars were out in detroit. unemployment is 11%. two points higher than the
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national average. the president presided over a labor day union rally. [ music playing ] >> reporter: but this crowd needed no warming up. just like the crowds who greeted president obama on the trail back in 2008, they gave him a rock star welcome. when heeds it's time for republican lawmakers to put their country ahead of their party and create more jobs, he was preaching to the crowds. >> 1 million construction workers ready to get dirty right now. there is work to be done and workers ready to do it. businesses on board. we just need congress on board. >> reporter: the president has been under fire from republicans for the weak economy and a 9.1% national jobless rate. president obama through out a challenge. >> you say you are the party of
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tax cuts, prove you will fight for middle class families as you do for oil companies. show us what you got. >> president obama will deliver his speech on jobs to congress on thursday afternoon. and you can watch his address live here on ktvu channel 2 news at 4:00 p.m. a new poll of voters shows the race for the republican nomination for president is a tie. mitt romney tied with rick perry. those four along with the other gop hopefuls will debate wednesday night in seamy valley. >> labor day is a great time to buy a car and this year is proving to be no exception. american and japanese car makers are looking to move
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their 2011 models off the lot. two american brads offer good deals. chevy malibu have the deepest discounts followed by the dodge ram truck. other report a oversupply of the toyota prius and ford focus. lawmakers are rouging to go through hundreds of bills before the session comes to an end. 250 bills are due on governor jerry brown's desk by monday. and a bill that would prohibit governments from banning male circkicism. he is encouraging to focus on legislation that will bring job back to california. >> a law that requires schools
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to include gay history. opponents launched a battle to repeal the law but they need a half million signatures. one woman at the rainbow festival believes the effort should fail. >> i think people are looking at it wrong. looking at it as being something dirty. we are just trying to live a normal life. >> the new law takes effect on january first. educators say it probably won't be implemented till 2015. battle over same-sex marriage. they are set to hear arguments about who can defend proppization 8 in federal court. this comes after the band was overturned by the federal court saying it was unconstitutional. once the panel decides it heads back to the federal court.
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next 24 hours crucial for a tree. what could be decided coming up. plus renovation plans will bring changes changes to bus commutes. and netflix make as big push today. next. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. ok, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. oh, fun, yeah. 1...2...3... jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. ha! she's so pretty. yeah. or, we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time.
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tomorrow is the deadline to save an old tree in menlow park. nicknamed granny. it is in the path of a water pipeline project that will cut it down. some want to turn the area into a park but neighbors want access to the park restricted. they say creating a park could justify the extra expense of tunneling under the tree. bus riders will have to use a new stop. tomorrow they will be shut down for renovations and moved to a temporary location on drake avenue, cross from the public safety building. folks getting off or on at the marin stop may have to work further. some were never notified about the change. >> i heard it first from you. >> reporter: would you like better notice? >> that would be really cool.
5:42 pm
>> the project comes after a spike in crime in that area. the upgrades includes improved visibility, better lighting and bike racks. netflix is heading south. they launched its service into brazil today. this is the first big push line latin america, which is a key in their growth. netflix lands to expand. -- plans to expand. in scotland four children may be taken away from their parents because they are obesed. they are been warned to trim down. they range from one to 11. it's that time a year again, time to get your flew shot. -- flu shot. it can now be given in a skin prick or a needle. it's only available for some
5:43 pm
adults. there are other options, standard shots, high dose shot for seniors seniors and a squirt in the nose options. 166million doses are expected to be produced this year. one explains how rank choice voting change. we followed candidates around the city today. and an enjoyable day today, we have a warm up on the way. live look there as the clouds are beginning to creep back towards the coast. gray skys for the morning and what the models are showing for tomorrow afternoon coming up.
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. martinez may become the latest city to host one of those digital billboards. the they will consider whether an old billboard should be replaced. the city would be one of several advertisers that could change the ads more easily and they would pick up 10% of the revenue. this labor day was no holiday for many candidates. ktvu's jade hernandez shows us the places they went today searching for votes. >> reporter: we contacted some of the candidates, many of the candidates today, more than half called us back. two candidates canvassed right here.
5:47 pm
another outside a grocery store. >> hi, i am running for mayor in november. >> reporter: she spent labor day meeting. and greeting in a parking lot. >> a day to think about the importance of working people in san francisco, we lost a lot of our middle class and people are without jobs. >> reporter: he was shaking hands, hoping to get his name out. >> this is where my state will be for the next two months. i will be on the streets talking to people. >> reporter: this morning they dove into the thick of a demonstration for hotel employees. afterwards he sat down with volunteers. >> today marks the day when people start thinking about campaigning. and campaigns.
5:48 pm
so we expect that voters will, laugh labor day, be more attuned to the messages. >> reporter: he caught up with voters and explained how rank choice voting changed the way they campaign. >> i think some individuals think labor day is the official kickoff for the mayors race. for us it was a long time ago. >> we hoped to catch ed lee's visit but no one has been able to reach him. as for the super visor, he is chairing his first board meeting tomorrow so he staid in his office today. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as the 10th anniversary of 9/11 a race in the south bay honored the memory of a man killed. the andy garcia run, walk, bike took place. he was one of 40 people on
5:49 pm
board of flight 93. >> every single person on that flight gave their lives for us and our freedom and it is my hope no one forgets that. >> he would have been 72 years old on august 28. he was returning from a business trip on 9/11. sunday ktvu will air 9/11 a decade of range. we will have reports from new york, washington d.c. and pennsylvania and we will talk with people who lost loved ones that day. our live broadcast is at 6:00 p.m. this sunday, september 11. the help continues to clean up at the box offense. number one again for the third straight week. $19million over the weekend. it was followed by three new
5:50 pm
films. julie haener is live with the stories we are working on for 6:00. the august jobs report was bad for a number of reasons, the picture of racial inequality painted for african americans looking for work. and a problem at napa state hospital a patient that may have a plans and the means to get out and the community helps reduce the number of dangerous wild animal encounters. these stories in about 10 minutes. a rare sight off the coast of california. these blue whales. you can see the mother whale floating in the water. they were swimming a mile from king harmer marina. the u.s. may catch a break from hurricane katia. hurricane katia is a category 3
5:51 pm
hurricane over the atlantic. at this hour it's 500 miles south of bermuda. hurricane katia got stronger today, winds, 115 miles an hour. the storm is not likely to reach the u.s. mainland. instead hurricane katia may only create strong rip currents. people heading back to work tomorrow, let's get a check in on your forecast. >> a spike in temperatures for tuesday. today quite enjoyable. we see 60s long the coast. and upper 80's inland. most of the bay, sitting in the 70s and low 80s. oakland 70. 73 fremont. 84 morgan hill. breeze in the afternoon. pushed back the cloud cover from the coast line. a nice day over all and around. we have changes. high pressure will be building
5:52 pm
in. we are expecting the possibility of fog tomorrow morning, especially long the coast and high pressure will bring us hotter, drier conditions. fire danger will increase but our air quality remains good to moderate. tomorrow, warmer spots, upper 80s. by tomorrow mid-90s. we will hold on to this trend through wednesday and we cool down for thursday. starting you up, tomorrow morning, 7:00, not as well inland as we have seen, it will be patchy around the bay area, as well as the coast line. could be dense, visibility down to a quarter mile. 9:00 it looks like it's pealing back along the coast line. for the afternoon, clear skies, the possibility for the coast. over night lows, tomorrow morning, sun rise, 56 oakland.
5:53 pm
54 vallejo. 56 redwood city, 54 san francisco. highs tomorrow, mid-80s. santa rosa. 90s concord. mid-90s pleasanton, livermore. 87 san jose. 70s for the east bay. 60s for the coast line. 70 in san francisco. extended forecast, warm up tomorrow. again we will be just as hot wednesday. thursday into friday we begin to watch temperatures dip a little bit. weekend, always time to plan for the weekend, partly cloudy skies and temperatures dropping into the 80s. >> great holiday weather and this week. thank you. 100 years, which institution is celebrating and what you can expect to see and hear because of it. plus closing up shop, the vendor that called it quits today, what that means for the future.
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. the san francisco symphony is kicking off a celebration for its 100th season. starts wednesday with a party and ends in august 2012. they expect some of the world's best performers and orchestras as guest performers this
5:57 pm
season. a business in san francisco closed its doors today. >> i think they want to have it more targeted for tourist and they have stated they want a steady stream of people through here. >> the lease on this boat rental and snack stand expired. the city issued an eviction notice. some people worry the changes will take away the lake's charm while others say an upgrade is long over due. >> look at it. the paint is pealing. it's a dump. the food was stale. the dogs were rancid. >> new management is expected to arrive in a couple of weeks, new boats and turning the repair shop into a cafe is their lanplans. -- is their plans. fire in the east bay, come up in a few minutes.
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. new problem at napa state hospital could put people in the area in danger. a story only here. and on this labor day what people are saying about a labor report, the worst we have seen in 25 years when it comes to jobs and


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